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Re: Michelin Road Pilot 4 GT

Postby Derek-Dex-French » 20 Oct 2017, 12:52

Just to say that, over a year later, I still have the same tyres fitted. Now 6000 miles later and still good, although the rear tread is starting to noticeably 'cup' just off centre.
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Re: Michelin Road Pilot 4 GT

Postby alans1100 » 21 Oct 2017, 03:31

Just put one of these on the front after a short lived Dunlop Roadsmart 2 which only got about 7000km. Tyre could have been faulty as I usually get at least 12,000 on the front.

Improved braking and handling over the Dunlop so that's a plus.

The rear Roadsmart 3 is still quite good at 6000km - PR4 going on here.
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