Tables of ID Numbers, starting with ones in Clymer/Haynes

Honda Pan-European 1st generation (German design)

Tables of ID Numbers, starting with ones in Clymer/Haynes

Postby David W » 29 Aug 2017, 21:07

Near the front of the Clymer ST1100 repair manual, there are several pages of "tables". (There is a table for the USA models, followed by tables for the non-US models. That section is called Serial Numbers and is in Chapter 1.)

The table for the US is organized by years. The yearly tables for the non-US models are organized by countries (or to be technically more accurate, by markets).

Those tables describe the entire Pan/ST1100 Line by giving beginning and ending frame and engine numbers for each model and (usually) for each version of a model, through year 2000.

Are those Clymer tables available online anywhere? (I don't think they are still available on this site. Nor is the entire Clymer manual online for free.)

There is also one page in both Haynes manuals that gives those ID numbers for the UK and the USA only. Is one of those pages still available here? (Is the revised Haynes manuals online?)

Has anyone ever tried to get such tables directly from Honda, for the ST1100 Line? (Honda's Parts Departments seem to have decent access to them, except for the USA numbers.)
Our deceased member Julien d' put those Clymer tables online on, but they seem to have not been transported over into our archive.
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