Internal Wheel Corrosion

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Internal Wheel Corrosion

Postby teejay-st1100 » 23 Aug 2016, 15:26

Hi Guys, yes I know its like the buses...nothing, then two come along at once.

A month back I did notice significant air loss in the front wheel and slight loss at the rear. New tyres were to be fitted, so this was an opportunity to find out what the culprit was causing the leak?

I had been using 'Ultraseal' in my tyres for years, and to be fair had never had a puncture, so it could have been either no nails or object ever penetrating the tyres or Ultraseal doing its job.

I had initially believed that the air loss was probably due to periodic tyre pressure checks with a gauge or air line, the valve then not to seating fully due to the Ultraseal gel getting trapped beneath valve seat and the valve itself? I am uncertain if this gel has tiny fibres within the slime which aids the sealing process once the tyre has been penetrated.

That may have been the case a few years ago but the recent tyre change revealed corrosion near the valve area. The local mechanic said in his experience the Ultraseal was at fault? One could argue that any gel like substance does contain a high percentage of water which in itself may exacerbate alloy corrosion. He recommended that I avoid using it. Your comments Guys?

I asked could the corroded area be painted at all to prevent it getting worse? He recommended the option of completely stripping the wheels of discs and bearings and having the wheels powder coated. A place near me does them for around £50 a wheel. So the mechanic suggested I bring the wheel in, they take out the bearings etc, get the wheels coated and new bearings fitted....Voila!!

I think I'll get this done over the winter period.

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