We Briefly Surf our Terms for Turf.

Honda Pan-European 1st generation (German design)

We Briefly Surf our Terms for Turf.

Postby David W » 14 May 2016, 22:12

This is a technical thread about terminology Honda uses.
The one thing that ST owners seem to always know about their ST1100 is its nationality, or the country or market that imported their bike.

The proposed purpose of this thread is to look at the terminology that Honda and we use to describe the nationality of STs.
(But the nationality of a Pan or ST is relatively unimportant in determining which specific parts fit the bike, so we want to keep this discussion fairly brief.)

There were at least fifteen markets that imported portions of the Pan/ST1100 Line of motorcycles. Each of the 15 has a "country code" or "area code" which we will put in parentheses in the following list of those fifteen markets:

Europe (eleven markets):
• Austria (AR)
• The United Kingdom (E)
• European Direct Sales (ED)
• France (F)
• Finland or Suomi (FI)
• Germany (G)
• Italy (IT)
• Norway (N)
• Northern Europe (ND)
• Spain (SP)
• Switzerland (SW)

USA (two markets):
• California (AC)
• 49-States (A)

Australian Continent (U)

Canada (CM??)

Were police models ever imported by a country or market that is not in the above list?
Surely the country code CM listed above for Canada should be CN or CD, right?

The country code can be put after the model name in parentheses, as in this example: 1991 USA ST1100M (A).
Note that the letter A used in the example has also another meaning in the ST World: ST1100A denotes an ABS/TCS model. (But in the example, the A in parentheses denotes the American, 49-state market.)

Some Honda dealers' parts lists include the country code with their parts list. (The Honda parts dealer CMSNL.com does not. But I've seen a thread about an American Honda dealer that does.)

I have never seen, or heard of, a Pan or ST1100 that is actually labelled with its country code.

Can anyone elaborate on the two European markets called Northern Europe and European Direct Sales? (ND imports for Denmark and Sweden? ED is mainly for Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands?)
Acknowledgements: Member mbrST1100 here has listed most country codes for us several times before. And the site ST-1100.com puts country codes to good use in its parts lists that combine models across nationality.
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