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Re: Recommended Mechanics or DIY?

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2015, 22:50
by teejay-st1100
Well in for a penny.....

Removed the lower fairing and managed to keep all the bolts, screws etc. The radiator came out but that upper and lower hose was a barsteward to remove. The rad and hoses seem fine. ACF50 spray before putting it all back.

The camcover came off with minimum waggling and prising, but will still shave a frazzle off the bottom to ensure smoother removal.

Contemplating getting vacuum gauges, don't know whether to go down the Morgan Carbtune mercury route or Davida jobbies.

Anyway just to order the belt and re-assemble. Really proud that I have got this far. Thanks for all your words of wisdom.

Like the Carlsberg ads in the 70's....I am really pleased that the ST is "probably the most reliable bike in the world" because looking at all that tubing, electrical bits and bobs under the fairing I reckon serious repairs is way beyond most mortals.

Thanks again this space.


Re: Recommended Mechanics or DIY?

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2015, 18:13
by Keith Legge
Well done but there doesn't seem to be enough rust for it to be a UK bike. ;)

PS, is it your camera that bike looks blue?

Re: Recommended Mechanics or DIY?

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2015, 18:35
by teejay-st1100
Hi Keith, it is green. I do look after her....the bike I mean.

What a great bike the 1100 is, seriously I have ridden many different bikes. My old FJ1200 was great but this, is in a different league.


Re: Recommended Mechanics or DIY?

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2015, 20:42
by mbrST1100
That's the way Tony, get one with your bike... :yes: ;-)

Just take time, do it step by step, check, double- and triple-check your steps there...

Re: Recommended Mechanics or DIY?

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2015, 02:49
by David W
teejay-st1100 wrote:... I have a Haynes and Clymer manual, plus I have read stuff written by Martin B and had emails of guidance from Roger H and others....Regards, Tony
The Haynes rates all the tasks according to their difficulty; maybe the Clymer does as well.
There is also a Honda service manual on your Pan; and this link will let you choose which sections of it you wish to view online:
alans1100 wrote:... The dealer that did the valve check did the carb balance as well, but the bike never ran the same after that. I've improved it, but it could be a little better. I only followed the instructions I was given, and I found out later (from the manual) that the balance should be done at idle and not 2000 rpm; live and learn.
teejay-st1100 wrote:... Contemplating getting vacuum gauges; don't know whether to go down the Morgan Carbtune mercury route or Davida jobbies.... Thanks again this space. Tony
I tend to not worry about carb balance unless the engine seems to not be starting and running all right. When in doubt, I get four metal thermometers; strap each one to one of the four exhaust pipes; check that they all indicate the same temp; start the cold engine using minimal choke; and note whether the four temps rise at about the same rate and end up about the same when the engine is warm and the choke is off. Want or need details?
And I've never removed the carbs just to replace those upper cooling components that can go bad and leak. (They can even cause a cracked engine block if not detected in time; I just found that out.)

Re: Recommended Mechanics or DIY?

PostPosted: 30 Apr 2015, 23:08
by teejay-st1100
As Henry Frankenstein said in the 1931 film...."It's alive!!!"

Well Guys, the cambelt was changed and radiator re-attached and she sprang into life first prod of the button! No issues just a little re-check with the belt to make show the teeth were well seated and all the dots lined up. The new top radiator hose was a 'bleeder' in the true sense of the word! Some weepage in that area so it was slackened and re-aligned. Concerned that rad only took two litres of coolant so hopefully the level will settle and it can be topped up again.

The carbtune arrived today so that is the next job before the tupperware goes back on.

A big thanks to you all for your support and guidance and most of all encouragement. I have a great feeling of satisfaction as this was the biggest thing I have ever done on the ST.

What a bike.....what an absolutely tremendous motorbike. Did we all make the correct choice or what!

Thank you,