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Fender Extender

Postby Q738Driver » 24 Jan 2015, 16:17

Hey chaps
Taking advantage of the old girl being in the garage with panels various removed to facilitate fitting of an OS stainless exhaust collector box & an air horn, to fit one or two items which I've gathered up over the past few weeks & months:
Pyramid Fender Extender

Piece of cake to fit, they even have a couple of vids on YouTube to help people like me with 10 thumbs !

In addition, I'm working on fitting a pair of LED mini pods from BikeVis, into a pair of mirror wind deflectors, as running lights. The deflectors have been chopped, pods fitted & they've had the silicon treatment.
Like the fender, they will need painting on Monday & depending on how they turn out, :please: they might be worthy of fitting, in which case I'll stick a couple of pics on here.
Time for the rugby now, cheers all

(Edited to place picture the correct way up)
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