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Postby alans1100 » 18 Nov 2014, 13:44

mbrST1100 wrote:
But now you guys will need a pirate's costume to comply with the HD-aura emitted ;)

We won't even go there........anyway I'm not into leather....lol

I'd only worry about collected water and dust underneath...
And possible rust build-up in those snap-rivets... (I assume their properly sealed from the inside?)

I won' have to worry about the water for the next 6 months or so......we may have a wet day or two but the warmer temps will dry it off a day or o later. I should get some water proof spray when I do get around to putting them on.

And dust......I have that already......after 4 years living in an iron ore area you tend to pick up a little red dust and even four years after leaving there I still find some on the bike.
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