2 x Complete 1100 panniers.

Honda Pan-European 1st generation (German design)

2 x Complete 1100 panniers.

Postby John OoSTerhuis » 12 Nov 2014, 04:05

For the record, I could have made it OK if he hadn't stalled; and even after he did, if I hadn't been too close. The photo doesn't capture how steep that section really was. However we all thought we could make it or we wouldn't have continued. I've ridden gravel before (Arctic Circle) and this surface wasn't too bad.

Anyway, scratched mirror cover (my third in 20 years on that side), scratched signal lens, holed tip-over bar cover (#5), and scratched and gouged saddlebag lid (first time, ever <sniff>) when the bike was laying past horizontal and slid a bit downhill.

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Re: 2 x Complete 1100 panniers.

Postby mbrST1100 » 12 Nov 2014, 15:58

John OoSTerhuis wrote:...I could have made it OK if he hadn't stalled...

You just hadn't estimated that he would ;)
If he surprisingly stalls and tips right in front of you, while you're leaned, no space for righting it up and stop safely... that's it... BANG!... down she goes...

Acquittance on his R1150R beemer had an almost similar incident when we were pulling out between parallel parked cars, I took off to the right, but had to stop hard over some bra popping her car door open...
But he had pulled out right behind me... and while still leaned on RHS take-off he either had the chance of braking softly and smash into my RHS pannier, or grab them binders and lay it down... down it went...
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