Hello from Morecambe, UK.

Re: Hello from Morecambe, UK.

Postby FlyingPanMan » 15 Aug 2014, 23:05

zebedeee wrote:Welcome Paul. You seem to be on top of things, you seem to have been reading other posts here about the few problems with an ageing Pan, but you dont mention changing the Elbows if you are replacing hoses under the carbs. Once disrupted by removing old hoses these two elbows can crack due to becoming brittle over the years. Please ask or search if you need a better description of what Im talking about, should be plenty of pictures around.

Hiya All and thanks for the welcoming messages.

Zebedee, I am aware of the elbow problem, but I haven't got to the carbs yet... sorta working from the back end to the top end. Just about to replace the clutch after struggling to get some St.Steel exhaust welding done... another fiasco due to a well-meaning, but incompetent welder. Hopefully tomorrow will see the clutch done and the exhaust back on. At least the downpipes!

Seems everyone was greeting me from sunny climes - Morecambe's been wet and windy the last few days. As the bike is outside under a cover, this means I can't work on it. Did stuff like cleaning bits and painting things like the battery holder when I could, but couldn't get really stuck into the machine.

I keep taking pics at various stages, so a slideshow will be put together one day.
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Re: Hello from Morecambe, UK.

Postby Keith Legge » 16 Aug 2014, 08:18

Sunny Manchester = wet and windy. ;)
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Re: Hello from Morecambe, UK.

Postby Derek-Dex-French » 18 Aug 2014, 10:39

Hello from sunny/showery Surrey. Good luck with the fettling.
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