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Re: Pruning?

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2013, 12:45
by Pieter Huizinga
Paul Lingard raised this question again recently.
He suggested pruning of topics such as old polls, old suggestions that have had follow-up, and such.

I think we've established that generally, no pruning should take place. But Paul has a point IMHO when he says that it might contaminate search results. OTOH e.g. the topics about polo's, badges, etc. were very lively and amusing, even if at the end of the day sales were only in single numbers and therefore not commercially viable. It might therefore turn out be a very subjective decision what to prune and what not. Also given that phpBB doesn't have an "archive" feature, so gone is gone for good.

Your thoughts please?

Re: Pruning?

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2013, 14:45
by mbrST1100
Would require editor's/moderator's work to split threads up in order to keep the 'original' clean and compact...

Such might be seen as productive measures (WALL-E, the last one cleans the forum), but could as well be perceived as censorship...

Its a narrow ridge between a conversation spinning off and a thread going septic... who draws the line, who reminds on user discipline?

I'm on non moderated forums, where threads spinning completely off the original posting over hundreds of pages, and they work very well, and I'm on forums which are militantly moderated which overall also work rather flawless...