Seems Peruvians have their heads screwed on straight

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Seems Peruvians have their heads screwed on straight

Postby Forest 1100 » 14 Apr 2013, 07:55

A few years ago, on the old forum, I brought up the subject of GMO foods and the role Monsanto was playing in forcing these products down the throats of consumers, while playing fast and loose with the science behind it. Seems the people of Peru have not allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by this greedy U.S. based multinational firm. I think France and maybe other EU countries have done the same. Slow but steady progress against the corporate scum and paid off political officials who put profits ahead of all concerns, even human health.
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Re: Seems Peruvians have their heads screwed on straight

Postby mbrST1100 » 14 Apr 2013, 10:37

Its about time someone stops those corporations...

Besides the yet unknown risks of GMO are the practices of those seed companies totally questionable; forcing the farmers exclusively to their grain only to put them into the gag-contract of having to also purchase all the chemicals and fertilizers their seeds are totally depending on... the farming costs per square-unit explode, the farmers make less and less profit, whilst the prices for the end products are boosting... (purchased a loaf of bread recently?...) ...and the global impact on nature is beyond imagination...
There farming universities and organizations in Europe which are desperately conserving and 'reverse breeding' the old seed types/corn to prevent them from getting extinct by those corporations...
The old grains do not rely on that much on fungicides and pesticides while also growing very well on conventional fertilizers, thus lower costs for farming, less contamination of the environment, more profit for farmers with a still lower end-price for the consumers... plus the benefit of getting healthy food on the table, instead of the risks of probably poisoning yourself on the long run...

Also Nestle have now positioned themselves totally into the crosshairs with their 'obscene' politics of buying up water-rights wherever they can get their claws on, to then lock the locals out from their water wells...
Their CEOs actually claim that water is a 'product' and must therefore be marketed as such...
Note that the actual product-price/value of their bottled water is less then 0,02%... the rest you pay for packing, marketing, distribution, management bonuses...

But the debate is here, them lobbyists are already pushing the EC-government to 'privatize' management and ownership of the water grid... :x
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