Shoei GT Air review

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Shoei GT Air review

Postby Gareth R » 02 Feb 2014, 23:41

It was about time I got a new lid - I'd put it off too long as I have done few miles in the last couple of years. Free weekend and some half decent Weather meant a trip to J&S the long way around on the bike.

My existing Nolan has been great and the ratchet buckle easy to use; but after Pete's off decided that double d ring is a better solution.

I wanted a touring lid as they're quieter than racing lids and tend to have room for comms. I didn't want an internal visor preferring a proper dark visor for sunny days. Alas, the current crop appear to all have them.

A must is a fully removable lining to keep the things fresh - I had an AGV X Vent without one. One day I finally got it in the bath on a towel with Johnson's baby shampoo and a nail brush and ewwyuck!

I tried a number of lids.
Schuberth - best fitting but I just don't like the flip front C3 (I have an old BMW System 3 that I've worn maybe a dozen times but just don't get on with it so now it's a spare) and the S2, like the C3, has a rubbish internal visor that doesn't come down far enough and has a too large scoop for the nose making a bad situation worse. It also had ratchet buckle.

Arai - race lid and didn't fit as well as the Shoei. The AGV just didn't seem as we'll finished as I remember. Also I don't see the point of paying to have Rossi's bling adorn my lid.

So it came down to the Shoei GT Air and the HJC FS-11. I was very happy with my previous HJC AC10 so was happy to look again at HJC.

The things which made the Shoei win through.

Obviously, the old adage that you get what you pay for is true. It shows in the details.

As you can see in the picture with visor seal has two blades the HJC has one. The positions on the vents and visor have a reassuringly firm clunk to them. The visor system is easy to use. It has the pin lock anti fog system which is excellent. The first click open on the visor gives a good air gap without too much space for bugs, another key consideration, compared to the HJC.

The sun visor comes down far enough but I remain to be convinced about it's usefulness over a proper dark visor but time will tell.

The lining is lovely, and removable; it just oozes quality. Weight wise; at 1500g there's little between them. Only the Arai was noticeably lighter.

On the ride home I can report the vents work work well. The chin is effective and the front head vent is two position and opening the rear adds to the air flow. Removable chin air dam is good for winter riding.

I hope to never test the crash protection but they come well respected. It was only after I bought it that I twigged I'd read Derek's review - subliminal effect perhaps.

Oh, and I happen to think it looks pretty cool.
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Re: Shoei GT Air review

Postby Derek-Dex-French » 17 Sep 2014, 12:25

Nice review Gareth. During our Europe trip August/September this year I really appreciated the flipdown/up dark visor when touring through Switzerland as some of the routes have many short tunnels so you are moving from bright sunlight into dark tunnel and back out fairly quickly. The problem (as my Angela found out with her reactive sun glasses) is that when you first enter the tunnel you can become completely blind for a short while waiting for your eyes (or in Angela's case her sunglasses) to adjust to the gloom. No such problem with the GT Air. Just flip-up the dark visor as you enter the tunnel and job done. Angela just followed my taillight as that was the only thing she could see for a few moments when entering each tunnel!!
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