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Autocom SPA2

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2013, 19:44
by thady McAndrew
As promised here is a review of Autocom's all singing and dancing SPA2

I purchased this for £290 off of On first opening it i was impressed with how much they put in the box it had every little thing you can think of to make fitting easier. I was impressed with the feel of the cables and plugs they did in no way feel cheap or flimsy the control unit itself was a basic design and is not waterproof though it is splashproof so it needs to be mounted somewhere dry. it did have a rattle inside which i kept meaning to investigate but never got round to it.

Headset installation was very easy, the PDF you download off the internet was very concise. I fitted the headsets in both my Caberg Konda and my Girlfriends Schuberth S2 it fitted better in the S2 than the Konda, i am struggling to get the speakers to stay in place on the Konda but its not a major issue i just have to be careful putting the helmet on. The microphone boom is generous in proportions and fits very easily in Both lids, it actually fitted pretty well in the bracket for cabergs own system. Compared to my old Scala rider the microphone is far more discreet and easily positioned, the mic sock being far more compact. the wiring loom for the headset is again generous in its lengths and at no time did i find i had run out of cable to run it where i wanted. On the master headset there is second little microphone for the auto volume this is also easy to postion.

Unit Instalation was also very easy. The whole thing comes pre wired and is very well labelled to show what is what for the power cable there is a generous amount of it and there are no terminations on the end, there is a Eye terminal for the negative supplied loose which autocom recommends to be connected directly to the battery to prevent unneeded interference the positive obviously needs to be connected to a subtable source off the ignition. I have been having a mare finding such a source due to the massive tangle of wires under my seat from all the police gubbins. The pack comes with tiewraps and velcro for the positioning of the cables and unit. My only gripe was that the headset leads where too short to put the unit where i really wanted in the fairing pocket i am sure this could be fixed with some extra cable, solder and some heat-shrink tubing. the plugs can be mounted on the fairing with the supplied brackets which are brilliant quality, be very carefully to avoid pinches.

Setting the system up was very easy also (you can see a theme developing here :) ) it was pretty much ready to go from the get go. There are many little adjustments available Individual controls for Rider and pillion volume and Vox sensitivity, having individual vox adjustment is great because i ride with my visor up and the helmet is noisy where as my girlfriend rides with hers down and her helmet was the quietest you could get at time of purchase so i have my vox a little less than half and hers all the way down. There is also an adjustment for auto volume sensitivity and for music or sat nav input volume and also the fade for the latter for when someone speaks or calls, The manual is very clear and full of good advice for adjustment. It takes some time to get it right but its worth tweaking because when it is right the only thing i can compare the quality to is an aircraft headset.

So far i have ridden about 100 miles with it and i am extremely impressed with how it works, Autocoms has written on the box is "Any Bike, Any Speed, Guaranteed" and this is correct it works the same at 30 as it does at 70+ . The VOX once set up works exceptionally well and a normal conversation at any speed can be had. I really cant fault it.

the list of accessories you can get is as long as your arm, everything from bluetooth for your phone, a bluetooth module for using wireless headsets, bike to bike radios the set comes with 2 stereo leads for ipods and it is also possible for 2 phones to be connected to the bluetooth for private conversations. also all the parts can be individually replaced.

So in all i can highly recommend this Product, compared to the scala rider.... well there is no comparison, the Autocom works.

I am doing a 4 day riding holiday to Arran next week i will come back with any updates on the above.

Apologies if this seems like it was written by a 2 year old it was my first attempt at a review.

Re: Autocom SPA2

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2013, 19:52
by zebedeee
Thanks Thady, very good write up, it read ok to me, keep us updated on your opinion of it.

Re: Autocom SPA2

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2013, 21:39
by Keith Legge
Cheers Thady very concise write up. 2 year old :lol:

Re: Autocom SPA2

PostPosted: 20 Jun 2013, 22:13
by Pieter Huizinga
thady McAndrew wrote:it did have a rattle inside which i kept meaning to investigate but never got round to it.

That is by design. If it doesn't rattle you have a problem. :trolls: