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Key to symbols

Postby Pieter Huizinga » 08 Jan 2013, 21:21

WTF are all these symbols, or icons, or whachammacallits, on the left hand side of forums and topics? Good question.

You may already have noticed that when you mouse over an icon, a "tooltip" pops up with some explanation. However, often that just reads "No unread posts" which is not helpful if you want to know why this icon is different from another icon.

Other than that, here's a not-comprehensive list:
  • On the board index page, each forum has an icon.
    • If this is red, it means the forum has unread posts in one or more topics.
    • If this has a smaller forum icon attached, it means the forum has subforums.
  • On each forum's index page, each topic (a.k.a. thread) has an icon.
    • If this is red, the topic has unread posts.
    • If a topic has a little red box next to it, if you click that, it should take you to the first unread post in that topic.
    • If the "text" in the icon is scrolling, it indicates a "hot" topic.
    • When the icon has a red star in it, it means you have contributed in that topic.
    • An exclamation mark in the icon indicates the topic has been made "sticky" by the moderator, i.e. it will stay at the top of the index.
    • An "i" in the icon means it is an announcement.
    • A padlock attached to the icon indicates the topic is locked, i.e. you can not posts replies in it.
    • If there is an arrow in the icon, it means the topic was moved here.
    • Some icons are adorned with a smiley or symbol, if so, this was picked by the first poster, at topic creation time.
Hope this helps somewhat, however I'm sure you know most of these already, so I would invite you and anyone to add their input or findings. I will add them to the list as they appear here.
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Re: Key to symbols

Postby mbrST1100 » 08 Jan 2013, 21:38

Pieter Huizinga wrote:I would invite you and anyone to add their input or findings.

So you the creator doesn't know what's going on here and want us to find out for you?! ;)

From my POV all self explanatory, logical and commonly known from the majority of forums/functions out there.

The stuff works rock stable, is kept simple, at the essentials and clear.
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