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Rules of the board

Postby Pieter Huizinga » 04 Jan 2013, 11:56

Several people have asked Keith and me for this. The short answer: Let's all be nice and sensible. :mrgreen:

The long answer:

Keith and I have been discussing these matters. We agreed that we do not want to make a big list of rules or filter on certain words, neither do we want to over-moderate the board. Instead, we are counting on the members to show good taste and self-restraint, and to place posts that are potentially offensive to some of our members in the XXX section. And we expect that folks who could be offended by such posts skip that XXX section. It's a give and take thing.

Keith and I feel that the "report this post" thingie is the best way to signal an "unappropriate posting". That feature seems to work o.k. here.

Who decides what is appropriate and what not, we'd really prefer not to go there, as it is highly a matter of personal taste and/or values. Being the liberals we are, we do not want to regulate such things. In case of doubt, the board's administrators/moderators will decide. But we trust -- considering that we know most folks here already for years -- that that won't be necessary except in extraordinary personal flare-ups or pissing contests, which we hope won't occur in the first place.

We aim to not delete any posts. If really, really necessary we may choose to *edit* a post. But we really, really hope it will never be necessary.

Be kind. Mind other folks' long toes. And please leave your long toes at home. It's a free speech thing. Don't be offensive. Don't be offended. Not everyone has English as native language. Any post can easily be misinterpreted. Keep that in mind. Assume the poster had the best of intentions. Count to ten and move on. Life is too short. Remember, if you get angry, the person who suffers most is yourself.

So there. Let's all be nice and sensible. Let that be the only rule here. :mrgreen:
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