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Future of site

Postby Keith Legge » 13 Jan 2018, 14:44

I have been contacted by Pieter's business partner who has the unenviable task of sorting out Pieter's business, he needs to know what is happening with the site.
It's not an urgent decision but traffic on the site has dropped off from the earlier enthusiasm a lot has migrated to Facebook.
I have no idea how to run or host a site any ideas out there or should we just close it down?
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Keith Legge
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Re: Future of site

Postby Forest 1100 » 13 Jan 2018, 19:32

The once great My-mc by Steinar, carried on in this Phoenix site by Pieter's hard work and dedication to maintaining the kinship and knowledge of My-mc, has seen a drastic decline in visits in the past couple of years. Since the site was dedicated mainly to Pan European/ST bikes and those are both now out of production - the 1100 for 16 years - it's not hard to see why the traffic here has evaporated. I believe the Yahoo Pan European site, run by a mate of mine in England, has closed down due to lack of traffic in the past year too. Perhaps it is time to lay the Phoenix to rest as well, but let's keep our memories of the fun we had here, with Pieter at the helm.
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Forest 1100
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Re: Future of site

Postby alans1100 » 14 Jan 2018, 00:06

Hi Keith, long time no see.

We've had a drop off at Ozstoc as well but also opened a closed group page on Facebook which seems to be going ok.

Though we're primarily Honda ST some members have moved on to other bikes and still active on the forum or Facebook.

I still check here daily and still post sometimes and I would miss the site if it closes but nothing lasts for ever.
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Re: Future of site

Postby Uncle Phil » 14 Jan 2018, 01:43

Traffic is a curious thing. I also frequent the old ST list and find that this site gets about the same amount of traffic. My biggest concern is all the 'history' of the original My-MC.com that Pieter was so diligent in bringing over will be lost. it would be nice if the site could at least continue to exist as a 'read only' for reference as sort of a memorial to all the work that Pieter and Steinar accomplished.
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