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05-05-2018 Glendambo FarRide

PostPosted: 10 May 2018, 03:39
by alans1100
On Saturday we had a day ride with one of our bike clubs This club is aimed at safe long distance riding and for us that meant doing a ride of at least 1000kms (621 miles) within the 24 hours either side the check in time. ... ralia.html

Total for the day was 1026 km (637 miles) taken from my TomTom Rider 450's (sat nav) trip log and averaged 86 k/h (53 mph) for the riding time or just under 12 hours. Left home at 4:50am and arrived home around 8 pm. We stopped off at KFC Port Augusta because cooking just wasn't going to happen at home.

I gave myself a half our arrival window at OTR (On The Run) Port Augusta due to the unknown number of kangaroo issues and just made it at 7:55 am.