2015-11-08 Port Pirie Ride

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2015-11-08 Port Pirie Ride

Postby alans1100 » 08 Nov 2015, 06:22

Sorry no pics for this one.

We had not much to do today and a full tank of fuel not used for the cancelled Ozstoc Ardrossan RTE so we decided on a ride over to Port Pirie. I took all the unneeded stuff out of the trailer and put in Heather's fishing gear and then hitched it up to the bike yesterday evening in readiness for this morning.

Out of bed at the ungodly (for me) hour of 7:45 and on the road by 8:20 this morning and parked in the Port Pirie Woolworth's car park just before 9:40 and after buying the few items we needed it was then over to the Repco Store. No Castrol Active 4T oil on the shelf and none out the back of the store but they had a couple on hold for awhile but the customer hadn't been in so I got one of those for $35.99 plus one oil filter for $7.50 so an oil change sometime during the week.

To hot to go fishing so we went to our usual shady parking spot across the road from a café which seems to be the place another bike club meets every few Sundays. I only saw three bikes but at least a dozen members inside. We had a coffee each but I couldn't drink all of mine; to strong and the coffee mug was about the same as two cups. Outside the window where we were seated was a 1600 BMW with a nice shade of black for the colour. Then a Harley pulls up beside it and it took about 5 mins (or so it seemed) for the rider to find neutral and another minute or two to get the side stand down then you see this BMW 1600 beside the Harley and realise how tiny a Harley is in comparison.

Before leaving town we stopped off at a couple more stores; in one of them I bought a USB speaker system for use on my phone or tab. Tried them out when I got home and they work better than the speakers in my desktop PC.

Arrived home about 1:15 and 216 km for the day. I'm keeping my trips limited in distance as my lower back gets a little painful especially if I forget the pain killers which I often do. One more session with the physio and I should be ok; she says, I doubt it. Doc gave me a three month certificate and I see her again first week of January for a review.

That was our exciting day out.

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