My trip to Kanab, Utah

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My trip to Kanab, Utah

Postby Forest 1100 » 16 Sep 2014, 00:09

When I bought my first ST1100 in 1995, I took it on a 16,000 km trip around Canada and the USA. One of the places I visited then was Kanab, Utah, which is a great central location for seeing the area's sights, like the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion Canyons, not to mention the great, well maintained roads made for riding on a motorcycle.

I had a hankerin' to return there in the past couple of years - that scenery, the red rocks, the roads, none of which, combined, can be found anywhere else in North America. With my "new to me" '96 ST ready for a test ride, it seemed like a good time to do it. I also wanted to get over to Monument Valley, not too far from Four Corners, as I had missed that area on my previous visit. Four Corners is the junction of four US states, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, the only place in the USA that four states join. Not much to see there really, as it is part of the Navajo Indian Reservation and they use it as a place to sell goods to visitors.

I have a friend, who rides a CBF1000, who has never done more than a three day ride anywhere in his life and I talked him into a trip there a few weeks ago. We had a time limit though, so we crammed 5,977 kms into 8 days of riding, spending three nights in Kanab. He had wanted to go to Four Corners, but the distance from Kanab would have made it a very long day, in hot weather, so I talked him out of that in favour of getting to Monument Valley instead, which was a 9 hour riding day in itself. I wanted a picture of my bike on that road, in the exact spot that is used by tire advertisers in various motorcycle magazines.

Shunning the Interstate highways 95% of the time, we found the secondary highways were mostly deserted, both on the way down and back home, with different routes each way, which meant we were FLYING along, keeping the eyes peeled for LE, which we saw little of the whole time. Weather was great every day, until we were about 100 kms from home, on day 8, when we encountered some rain, but all in all a great ride.

If anyone wants a tip on where to stay in Kanab, I highly suggest the Parry Lodge, located right on the main highway through the small town. It was established in the 1930's and, through the efforts of Mr. Parry's invitations to Hollywood brass, the town became known as Little Hollywood and the Parry Lodge was the headquarters for many western movie productions from the '40's through the '60's. Many of Hollywood's greatest stars of the days stayed at the Parry Lodge and signed photos of them adorn the walls of the reception and dining areas in the motel. Much of the grounds and buildings are still original, although updated inside to some extent and they run old western movies, in the evening, in the barn on the property, which housed many of the actor's horses in those bygone days.

The motel property has a main building for reception and dining, with a two storey motel unit situated behind it that has about two dozen rooms. That building is newer than the small cabins which mostly surround it, but those cabins are where the stars all stayed and each one has the name of an actor, or actress that stayed there at some time, above the door. It really is a unique place which thrives due to its movie history fame and it is clean, reasonably priced, with great breakfasts in the dining room.

Here's the shot I wanted at Monument Valley.

Monument Valley, Utah-1.jpg
Monument Valley, Utah-1.jpg (141.1 KiB) Viewed 5225 times

My friend John and our bikes.

P1190865 -1.jpg
P1190865 -1.jpg (189.03 KiB) Viewed 5225 times

Highway 50 through Nevada. The sign says it all. Great roads like this for major mile munching.

P1190951 -1.jpg
P1190951 -1.jpg (136.87 KiB) Viewed 5225 times
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