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Re: Round Baltic Ride

Postby mbrST1100 » 23 Jun 2013, 10:37

why not extending it to the Nordkapp (Knivskjellodden) while already there?
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Re: Round Baltic Ride

Postby paul_narramore » 25 Jun 2013, 09:25

Forest 1100 wrote:Paul,

How long did it take you to complete that map? Do these Google maps interface with a GPS somehow, or is it meant to be used as map on a tablet or phone? :shrug2: I don't get out much.

I probably took me about ten minutes to do the map and I'm told it can be downloaded onto a GPS. Back to the map. One problem I find is that if I click on the route and drag it to one side, the damn thing then gets a mind of it's own. St.Petersburg for instance. It decided I didn't actually want to take the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn but wanted to go to St.Petersburg. I didn't but it 'insisted'.
At the moment I am just getting used to the Google Maps route planning so am using it to get the hang of it.
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