COCs rides in the Peak this Summer

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COCs rides in the Peak this Summer

Postby Ian Robinson » 06 Aug 2013, 08:53

We live in and know the Peak District well, last Autumn I posted some rides - may be of use to someone as routes.
30 March “The stalwarts ride again”
COCs called away to various duties from Afican handbag selling to HOG training, skiing, and getting married resulting in just the two setting out. John had a refusal so turned up on the old Starfire, Ian’s bike only just glued back together so .....”anything could happen in the next half hour”
Drizzle did not deter but encouraged a two cafe stop trip, disciplined though - only one lot of bacon agreed.
Freebirch – Curbar – Calver – Stoney – Yonderman - Litton – Millers dale – Taddington – Flagg – Monyash – Bakewell – Baslow – Back.
Small pool of oil under the Starfire encouraged a discussion about compression blow back and rocker leakage in the cafes. Lots of bikes turned up with smiling faces at Yonderman; after we had paved the way.
Must have put most bits back in the right places on the Honda as wheels went round OK.
Good fun and a nice start to the season........ finishing in sun shine!

“The snowmobile ride”
6 bikes set out with deep drifted snow all over the Peak District. John, TomM, Clive, Mark, Chris and me.
Free birch – Baslow – Bakewell – Haddon – Youlgrave – Long Rake – Fridden – Sparklow – Monyash (bacon with 30 other bikes) – Flagg – Chelmorton – Buxton – Wye valley – Ashford – Monsal Head – Wardlow – Yonderman – Stoney and back. 60 miles ?
Fun ride started on main roads then went for back roads fantastic drifts some 12 feet high on sides of road, like riding through a tunnel. Roads OK, so cold - dry, some ice in places but safe. Good ride especially for the scenery couldn’t go fast too much to look at.
6 April. “Lets wave good bye to snow in the Alps.”
5 bikes set out TomM, Chris, Clive, Stu and me.
Caudwell valley – Owler Bar – Fox House - Hathersage – Hope (First cafe) – Castleton - Winnats Pass (Alps) – Sparrow Pit – Dove Holes – Buxton – Flash – Roaches (Near) – Longnor (Second Cafe) – Crowdecote – Parsely Hay – Long Rake – Weigs Bridge - Bakewell – Baslow and Back About 65 miles.
Brilliant ride with fantastic views especially the Upper Dove valley from Flash. Good sweeping roads bit ‘‘messy’ in places. Nice cafes, breakfast at Longnor will happen again. Clive’s bike refused at Winnats Pass but made it home OK – somebody said something to do with “being Italian”.
13 April “Famous two fly the flag”
Despite the favourable conditions only two bikes (Bryan and Tom J) at the tree for 10. Others detained for a variety of reasons litter
collection, grand daughters etc.
Brief discussion decided to set off towards Ladybower with a view to heading off towards Strines Inn.
Reluctant leader selected (Tom) and headed off towards Bamford.
Brief review other side of Bamford decided to detour to Glossop via snake pass.
Cafe stop in Glossop where the right quantity of tea, egg, mushrooms and bacon consumed with agreement that cafe would pass the Ian test.
Return journey via Woodhead Pass and back via Strines Inn but only brief stop as short on time.
Back at the tree by 1.00 having covered 80 ish miles.
20 April “The South Peak in Sunshine”
Decided to leave Elm Tree until Chris and Stu could come.
6 Bikes set out in brill weather – John, TomM and Angie, Clive, Russell, Brian and me.
Worry about bacon provision at new cafe effected route planning and so...
Long way to Monyash.... Tree- free Birch – Barlow – Owler Bar – Curbar – Baslow – Bubnell – Hassop – Ashford – Sheldon Moor – Horse lane – Monyash (bacon outside in sun) – High Needham – swinging dry valley road to Hartington – Hulme end – Warslow- Grindon Moor - Grindon – Gravel skiing to Weags bridge – Wetton – Wetton Mill (second bacon!) – Ecton - Alstonefield – Mill dale – Newhaven – Elton Moor – Winster – Birchover – Rowsley – Beeley and back ....about 80 miles.
Brill day in excellent weather.
4 May
The COCs Classic Bike team on the road again- “The National Classic Bike show Stafford”
All sorts of excuses valid so only 3 set out in risky weather for what was a brill day : Tom M, John the-sat-nav, and, me.
Tree (bright and breezy at 9.30) Beeley – Rowsley – Birchover – Winster – Grange Mill – Brassington – Bradbourne – Fenny Bentley – Ashbourne – Snelston – Little Cubley – Sudbury – Doveridge ( for excellent tea and bacon amid Dodge City look alikes blasting off – where was Wyatt Earp) – Uttoxeter – Stow by Chartley – Weston – Stafford Show Ground (Immmmense) – John let loose with new Sat Nav for windy road back – tea in Matlock Bath and home.
A brill day out, only weather problem a fierce hail storm bouncing off helmet.
Show was amazing after 3+ hours we hadn’t seen it all. Any bike known to man and all the related stuff in about 300 trade stands.
John splashed out on some special glue .... good job ,had to glue his helmet back together on way back; the usual John glasses incident
(yet another set of spec screw drivers bought).
I had a bit of a fuel leak causing a COCs cardinal sin – needed a “petrol stop”... been beating myself ever since.
Tom as usual took all the chaos in his stride.
Great day out, well over 100 miles with only the usual incidents.

“Go North my son.”
7 bikes set out and under Chris’ lead headed north to avoid the bank holiday traffic: Chris, John, TomM and Angie, Clive, Brian, Bryan and me.
Tree – Free birch – Curbar – Froggatt – Fox House – Hathersage – Bamford – Ladybower – Moscar –Bradfield moor – (Lovely breakfast in nnew cafe) – Agden Reservoir – Bar Dyke – Ewden – Langsett – Flouch Inn – Fiddlers Green – Longside – WoodHead Pass – Crowden – Deep clough – Devils Elbow – Glossop – Woodcock Road – Snake Road and snake pass – Hagg farm – Ladybower – Derwent reservoir (more tea and ice cream) – Bamford – Hathersage – Fox house – Owler bar – Millthorpe – Barlow – 3ML
Brill ride about 85 miles – good weather and clean roads that tested the suspension.
18 May
“Avoid the Chatsworth horse trials” run
3 stalwarts set out amidst gathering clouds – TomM , TomJ and me.
Where do we want to go? Where do you think? Here and there......What about (3) Edges for the views....lets go then!

Tree – Free Birch – Clod Hall lane – Warren lodge – Curbar Edge (1)– Froggatt – Stoke hall – Grindleford – Mompessons Well – Highcliffe – Bretton – Hucklow Edge(2) – Foolow – Housley – White Rake – Longstone Moor and Edge(3) – Great Longstone – Thornbridge – Ashford – Taddington – Taddington Moor – The Jarnett – Hubber dale – Monyash (Tea and Bacon) – Benty Grange – Parsley Hay – Custard Field – Long Dale – Hand Dale – Hartington – Beresford dale – Archford Moor – Alstonefield – Milldale – Newton Grange – Fenny Bentley – Bradbourne Brook – Hipley Hill – Longcliffe – Grangemill – Griffe grange valley – Scarthin Nick – Cromford – Matlock bath (more tea) – Matlock – Two dales – Sydnope Hill – Gladwins Mark – Beeley Moor – Longside Moor – Pudding Pie – hare Edge – Back About 60 miles.

Great fun, weather decent most of the way ... the rain added to the “fun” on swinging bends; nearly all on back roads around the Peak District.

“The wired helmet ride”. Another intrepid adventure with poor weather as we started. Tom M Tom J and John met at the tree. John has been further electrified with Sat Nav and helmet wiring. General merriment at the idea of his adding yet more to the gadgets on the bike.
As weather was worse in the north we decided to go south and visit the Manifold tea rooms at Ilam Hall. So, with J leading and poking the Sat Nav we started off, up the Hill, north.
It is difficult to give accurate idea of where we went, as J was looking at the electronics, but distinctly remember stopping at Baslow to try and get the sound working, and then have vague memory of Chatsworth, Beeley with a lot of sheep on the road in the way. We then went through Rowsley, passed Youlgrave and somehow fetched up at the Dove River.
Now in Staffordshire J stopped against the sign for the tea room and enquired of the others if they had any idea where it was.
Tea and bacon butties revived us, so we rode in worsening fog to Longnor. Another cup of tea and then a very cold run back to the Merry Lads.

65 miles


25 May

1 June
8 June Just “two bikes sallied forth” on a really beautiful morning, Tom M and John T. A mix of late night at the pub on Friday and forgotten communication possibly at fault.
The weather was very good. We were hot while on the road. The smiles on our faces revealed the sign of a happy biker. Dead flies stuck in the teeth.
We went over the tops to Ashbourne and then to Mercia Marina. A very restful place. Spent longer than usual contemplating boats and canals, then rode back to a chips at the Merry Lads.

“Monyash cafe and Elm tree re-visit”. What a glorious day when 6 bikes set out – Ian, John, Tom and Angie, Stu, Chris and Clive.
John had promised a magical mystery ride to the Elm tree and Cauldron, and so ensuring all fuel tanks were full John set his sat nav and off we went ......... to the cafe at Monyash.
Tree - Baslow – Ashford – Sheldon Moor – Horse lane – Monyash (tea and bacon in the sunshine) – High Needham - custard field – long dale - Hartington – Warslow – Onecote – Winkhill – Cauldron (pop and crisps at the Elm Tree)– Waterhouses – Onecote - Warslow - Longnor – Crowdecote – Sparklow – Monyash – kirk dale – Ashford – Great Longstone – Hassop – Oxpasture – Bubnell – Baslow and back.
A fantastic day out on glorious roads in superb countryside – memorable and about 80 miles.

“To the old oil can cafe”.
7 bikes set out on a gorgeous day Chris, TomM, TomJ, Bryan, John, Stu and me.
Tree – Caudwell Valley – Fox House- Hatherasge – Bamford – Ladybower – Sugworth road – Mill Lee Lane – Nice tea and bacon outside at The school rooms Bradfield – Bradfield Dale – Agden wood -A616 – Whams road (Brian got fed up of hair pins and ignored them)– Crow Edge – Meel Hill – Jackson Bridge – Hepworth and the Oil Can Cafe n the fantastic classics collection (about 80 amazing classic cars- and nice tea and cake) – New Mill – Wood Dale – Holmfirth(Seemed at Home in L.O.T.S.W. Country- can’t think why) – Holme Bridge – Woodhead Road - Holme Moss – (fantastic view- belly laughs at bloke on parachute thing) – Woodhead and Torside reservoirs – Glossop – Snake pass – Ladybower – Bamford – Grindleford – Froggat – Curbar and back.
Brill day out, some new roads about 85 miles.
10 June
15 June “Cocs n Robs strike out again – John finally gets MOTish....Ride”.
Tree – Shillato wood – Edges – Calver – Hassop – Longstone – Ashford – A6 – Taddington (First break down Japs 1 : English 0) – Moors – English now leading (Japs go too fast) – Flagg (by accident) – Monyash (tea and bacon...must buy shares in it) – Parsley hay – Custard fields – High Needham – Wheeldon Trees – Earl Sterndale – The Quiet(Headless) Woman – Buxton Road – Brierlow Bar – Chelmorton – Taddington Moor – Ashford – Pilsley – Thatch Meadow(turn round) – Pilsley – Baslow – Free Birch (Second break down Japs2 : English 0) – English escorted into land by Japs.
Brill ride again – must remember 50 year old bikes can’t go 60mph for miles!!! Japs reprimanded. About 60 miles.

“A two ride day.”
Just two bikes set off in the morning, due to weather, John forgetting to look at his phone missed the fact that the main ride had been postponed to the evening.
Leaving Ian’s sausages, John lead Ian to the Old School Tea room, at Carburton near Worksop. The route took us over unfamiliar territory via Brimington, Inkersall, Bolsover, and alongside the Great Lake near Nether Langwith.
We enjoyed a very civilised cup of tea, in a typical early 20th century school room in the middle of nowhere. We had a brief bacon scare, but they just had enough for two.
The route back took us north, towards Worksop, passing through the village of Rhodesia, Shireoaks and the lovely village of Thorpe Salvin. Via Harthill we came to the more familiar Marsh lane, Apperknowle to Unstone and back to the Merry Lads.

In the Evening Ian lead us to the Cock and Pullett.
Aiming for a winding ride Ian, Stu and John went to Matlock, then to Newhaven and Monyash to a crowded Cock and Pullett at Sheldon.
John lead back, a bit too quick, to a pleasant evening at the Merry Lads.
22 June
29 June “Newark Bike Bonanza!”
Forecast was a bit sunny and a bit showery when just two bikes set off for Newark again. (Tom & John)
A boring escape was made from Chesterfield via the dual carriageway out to the M1 and onwards through Glapwell. Avoided Mansfield by taking bypass and eventually turned onto the A60 to Ravenshead. Turned off to back roads through Blidworth Bottoms to Oxton and finally stopped at Hollybeck Nursery for much needed bacon ration. Suitably fortified we carried on through Southwell, Upton, Kelham and into Newark showground for the bike Bonanza. (but no sign of Big Hoss or Little Joe).
Lots of interesting stuff to see and a friendly atmosphere despite a few heavy downpours. Many thanks to owner of the BSA racing outfit who let us shelter under his awning during the worst shower. The guys on the mountain bikes defied gravity and physics to put on quite a show despite the wet grass. John finally succumbed (again) to the lure of shiny new tools and we packed up to return.
The run back went through to Ollerton (which is a lovely fast windy A road), Cuckney, Langwith, Bolsover and home.
In total about 84 miles TomM

“Supporting Rwanda ride”
We went to Aquabox at Cromford on an organised ride, Aqua box is a charity sending water filtration systems to 3rd world countries.
A great day starting with a tour of the site by volunteers and a blessing by the Bishop of Rwanda, about 50 bikes involved. We arrived at 10.00 and our 4 bikes left at 11 for a 134mile round trip ending up at CMC. Ian, TomM, Chris, John.
Tree – Beeley – Matlock – Cromford – Middleton top – Hopton – Carsington – Knockerdown – Kniverton – Ashbourne – Waterhouses – Windyridge Cafe (check point 1 – desperate for bacon by now, long queue so made break away dash to Longnor cafe) – Onecote – Warslow – Longnor (bacon at last and lovely tea for lazy hour) – try and catch up....Crowdicote – Monyash – A6 – Millers dale – wormhill - Hargate – Peakdale – Dove Holes – Martin side – Lower crossings – Chinley – Brownside – Hayfield – Grouse Inn (Check point 2) – Glossop – Snake Pass – Bamford – Hathersage (second long stop – tea and cakes) – Fox house – Big moor – Owler bar – Barlow – By pass – CMC clay cross (too late for prize draw after lovely stops!) met up with about 80 other bikes.
Brill day out.

6 July 13 Three bikes Ian, Tom J and John “The COCs explore Staffordshire.”
Really wonderful weather took us east to the Staffordshire Moorlands, Crossing the border over the Dove at Crowdicote, we went along the valley rising up to Quarnford and the Flash Bar Cafe in company with some cyclists.
Fortified with bacon butties we remarked on the fundamental difference in body habitus of our cycling colleagues and ourselves.
(We Bikers tend to be solid men with plenty of bottom, as opposed to the etherial waif like shape of our cycling friends.)
No one could really come up with a reason, but it made a good discussion.
Following this intelligent and stimulating conversation we rode to Wildboarclough keeping a wary eye out for wild boars.
Happily they seem strangely scarce unlike families picnicking and frolicking in the river as we followed it down. They were really very plentiful. Summer must have come at last.
Then towards Leek and up to Thorncliffe stopping by the Black Mere Pool. A bottomless lake inhabited by a Mere Maiden according to the locals. The dark water which is never blue, was in sharp contrast to the blue of the sky and sunlit green of the hills. More info about this strange place is at ... y/mys2.htm
From there we dropped down to Longnor for a cup of tea and cake.
The ride home would have been uneventful but for Tom’s bike running out of electricity, the little box under the seat being quite empty. He had a lift back for a spare box.
13 July “Cutthorpe Carnival Ride.”
5 bikes set out John, TomM, Brian, Chris and me – TomJ still has an empty black box.
“Get us to Monyash cafe in about 1.5 hours”.... (its only 20 minutes away) – task was set, gorgeous day, had to be back 12.45 for Carnival set up. Even the carnival doesn’t cancel a bacon run.
One of hottest rides of the year... temp 80deg F before we set off.
Free birch – Curbar – Froggatt – Grindleford – Eyam edge – Barrel (we are all deliberately blocked by axxxe hole on tractor .. who tried to run me off road 1 week ago... hates bikes and/or people...happy old farmer!) – Foolow – Silly dale – Windmill – Little Hucklow (terrified cyclist.. “sorry lad” ) – Lane Head – Peak Forest – Laughman Tor – Peakdale – Hargate – Wormhill – Millersdale – Chelmorton - Flagg – Monyash (bacon and tea ...1Hr 20 min) – High Needham – Hartington – Back lane – Custard field – Parsley hey – Monyash – Horse lane – Sheldon Moor – Ashford – Pilsley – Baslow and Back. Brill ride, good tea and talk.
Set bikes up in display area – in total 15 bikes turned up ....all types....lots of interest.... more will come next year.
20 July
27 July
“The COCs Panzer group set out North”
COCs group decimated by a lad in the village having stag night at Bakewell, 25 village lads (old and young) went on missionary trip to Bakewell.

3 BMWs set out on a lovely day Brian, Chris, TomM.

Cutthorpe, Sheffield, Rotherham, Wath on Dearne, Broadsworth, A1, Squires, M62, M1, Denby Dale, Oil can cafe, Strines moor, Bakewell and home. 6 hours, 150+ miles
Chris, Brian and Tom M. A full Panzer turnout set off in grey cloud which kept temperatures comfortable and ground was covered at the rate only beemers can do. Trying to get to Squires without using motorways was difficult but Squires was well worth a visit. The Oil Can's cake and tea was up to standard and the place has an atmosphere that is all its own. Overall, a great day out gromit !.

“Follow the Legions “ Ride
7 bikes set out on another brill day, this summer just bikes on. Chris, Tony, John, Brian, TomM, Stu and me.
Caudwell valley – Fox House – Hathersage – Brough – Bradwell – Pick up the old Roman Road (Batham gate) – Clement Lane – A623 Hemstone Lane – Peak Forest – Sparrow Pit – Giants Hole – Man Nick – Edale – Cowpers Farm Cafe (Bacon etc went down well) – Cheshire Cheese – Hope – Brough – New Lane – Windmill – Great Hucklow – Grindlow – Foolow – Eyam edge (chat to about 80 sheep)- Grindleford – Froggatt – Curbar – Free Birch and back about 80 miles.
Brill day, fantastic views, what a place to play out on bikes.
23 Saturday
3 August “Let’s go to that Hovis cafe” ride... 5 bikes TomM, Chris, John, Brian and me.
After lots of overnight detailed planning we set off for Crich....where is it?....near Lea....Oh! I know a good road to we go!
Free birch – Beeley Moor – Slack Hill – Screetham Lane – Wirestone Lane – Holestone gate Road - Lickpenny Lane (see lots of smokey puffing things....not my bike this time...much bigger!)– High Lane – Shuck stone lane – Plaistone Green Road – Cromford Road – Crich (nice cafe... must come more often..general chill discussing old cars with bloke)... Cromford Road back to Cromford Fields – Matlock Bath (Brian nearly gets his wallet out) – Matlock – Tansley – Cromford Steam rally (too tight to pay £10 entrance – back on the horses via Ogstone and gravel skating – Stetton top – Clay Cross CMC (Brian very nearly gets his wallet out again... general discussion on buying £21000 big blue thing) – Tupton – Beeley Moor and back.
Talk of evening ride to India... I mean Indian in Hathersage.
Chilled day again, just shows what lots of planning can produce in the right hands.
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