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Any other bike not a Honda Pan European. :)
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Re: The 'Other One'

Postby Pieter Huizinga » 27 Jan 2015, 16:12

Nononono, I obviously was talking about the other "her" in the pic. :mrgreen:
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Re: The 'Other One'

Postby mbrST1100 » 27 Jan 2015, 17:48

And you actually think that a "she" like this is waiting for blokes like us...

Owning an ST won't cut it, you'd first need to top that with a Mansion, a Grumman/Lear, a Lambo, a Bentley, a shed in St. Moritz and another one in Monte Carlo... :lol:
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Re: The 'Other One'

Postby David W » 13 Apr 2015, 00:14

The name Nevada was probably aimed at Americans. (Guzzi had a California model definitely aimed at US.)

I think the name is Spanish for "snow covered". We have here a lot of mountains that Spaniards named Sierra Nevada, or "snow covered saw blade" because of their white-topped appearance from afar. (Of course, we also have a state named Nevada, but I'm no expert on its terrain or annual snow fall.)

Do you know if your Nevada has integrated or unified brakes? (That requires two front disks.)
Have you made contact with a Guzzi owners group?
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Re: The 'Other One'

Postby Aberdeen » 13 Apr 2015, 08:30

Hi Dave,
No, it doesn't have brakes which are linked in any way at all though, it is a twin front brake rotor model - those take fluid from a common manifold and as usual on the rear its a straight single link from the cylinder to the caliper. It can be a struggle to remember that fact every time after riding the ST1300 which gets you into the way of using linked and ABS brakes!! One upside though is that using the Nevada actually helps me ride really slowly on the ST. Having to use the rear brake manually instead of relying on the system means I'm forced to get practice at using the rear and that helps me with slow speed control.
Yes, I'm a member of a couple of forums and one club for Moto Guzzis but I don't get onto them much at all and so far not ridden out with them.
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