Dash LED modification - BluDash

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Dash LED modification - BluDash

Postby steve974 » 18 Apr 2016, 12:12

We spent last weekend across in Holland meeting a group from the Dutch ST1100-1300 EU site. They run occasional workshop events, and as we joined their club we received an invitation for a CCD or 'Cockpit Conversion Day' to fit a BluDash as they call it - an LED replacement that seems to be gaining popularity in the UK. The mods for this weekend was done entirely by people from the club itself.

The trip across was not a great ride, blustery winds and frequent showers combined with lots of motorway this side and long straight roads en-route to Holland. Our overnight stay was in Steenbergen, an attractive small port town in southern Holland quite close to Antwerp. It's also the resting place of Guy Gibson VC (late of 617 Squadron - The Dam Busters) and his navigator James Warwick after their damaged Mosquito crashed near to the town on 19th Sept 1944. The local villagers still maintain the graves and there are streets named after them both in the town.

We rolled up at the workshops in a local bike garage at about 9.30am to be greeted like royalty, handed cake and coffee before the dash was stripped out and handed to the Technicians. Having now watched these guys at work convinced me that this was never something I'd try with my B&Q soldering iron.. I think there were 27 tiny LEDs to be removed and re-soldered, and they all had to fitted in a particular way, plus it looked damn fiddly work not suited to my general ham-fisted approach!

I'd also chosen to have a Gear Position Indicator fitted at the same time, so the dash was carefully drilled and sculpted, then it was wired and tested before final assembly and re-fit. The whole job took about 2 hours start to finish.

The info section is clear and readable in bright sun, rain and dark tunnels. The GPI worked as it should, and just to pamper my OCD, looked as though it had been put there by Mr H himself.


This is what you see in the dark. In the daytime the blue info panel is darker and it shows the white graphics very clearly. Sorry about the quality, the flash bounces off the screen and distorts the background colour behind the dials which is actually a bright blue... Hence BluDash I suppose!

Debbie says it's the first time in 7yrs that she's been able to see the time on the display. Note the dinky GPI...

We also met some really great people who chatted away in perfect English to us foreigners and took special care that we were never left alone, excluded from the general conversation, or had an empty coffee cup. Lovely people!

So despite the weather and straight roads we had a great time...
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