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Pirelli Angel GT's

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2016, 10:58
by steve974
Anyone tried them? They get good result in the various reviews but only come in a 185 width for the GT version to get the higher loading...

Oh, and BTW Pieter, I've got whatever oil the shop put in. :?

Re: Pirelli Angel GT's

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2016, 10:34
by Derek-Dex-French
Gary Collett, Chairman of the Honda Pan European UK Owners Club, has been trying Pirelli Angel GTs on his ST1300 and says he likes them. I think they are standard fitment on the Triumph Trophy.

Re: Pirelli Angel GT's

PostPosted: 18 Apr 2016, 12:06
by steve974
I had mine fitted a few days ago, and though I've only done a few hundred miles they feel very stable and the chicken strip has almost gone on the right hand edge... something I never managed with the PR4GT's.

Grip wet or dry is excellent, but the most noticeable thing is that the bike seems far more nimble and takes changes of direction very easily and in a very stable manner, with a smooth transition from upright to edge. Braking is stable, as is high speed running. There appeared to be some sort of drumming noise when running on Dutch roads, but this hasn't manifested itself on our roads so far. Longevity will become more apparent on our Greece trip in June.

So far I prefer them to the PR4GT's although they are a little more expensive... I'll update in July