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Re: Speedo Healer

Postby WJBertrand » 15 Jan 2015, 21:35

Derek-Dex-French wrote:Speedo healer fitted. My auto-electrician friend Tim Farley hacked into the wiring harness inside the front cowling to connect the Speedo Healer as he said getting at the suggested plug inside the back of the fairing is not an easy task. All fitted and running and I now seem to have an pretty accurate speedo. Thanks Jeff once more for the info earlier. -0.70% adjustment used.

You're welcome. Surprised your friend thought hacking the wires was easier, inserting the SpeedoHealer's harness into the speed sensor circuit is very straight forward, it's all plug and play - no cutting required. The right side faring has to come off and the needed connector is tucked inside the frame just to the rear of the cylinder head cover.
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Re: Speedo Healer

Postby PigpenST » 18 Jan 2015, 06:25

Every Sunday all Clàss 1 (Traffic) vehicles had to be taken on à measured mile at 60 mph with a report submitted to the workshops.. God knows what happened after that.

Edit - Herts Police late 70s early 80s.
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Re: Speedo Healer

Postby Ali in Austria » 18 Jan 2015, 08:29

Certainly in our force the Resposnse Cars, Traffic Cars and Traffic Bikes had calibrated Speedos, which were certificated. General Police Vehicles didn't. If you had a job involving speed checked against the Speedo you were meant to check the Speedo accuracy with a stop watch over a measured distance sited at various locations.

Then technology moved on and the likes of Vascar made life easier although it still had to be calibrated each tour of duty. I only ever did people who were significantly over the speed limit but the sight of a grown man crying has been known to make me go easy (motorcyclist doing 120mph in a 60 limit with a hard luck tale springs to mind :-)). With these methods your were highly visible to the vehicles you were checking so if they didn't see you that was their hard luck.

With the advent of radar, laser and cameras it has become all to easy to catch speeders. Getting rid of the built in over read on a speedo puts you at more risk, especially with the tolerance over the limit disappearing. I have fitted Speedo Healers to my own bike but only when I had changed sprocket sizes knocking the speedo well out.
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