NEC Bike show, Birmingham, UK

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Re: NEC Bike show, Birmingham, UK

Postby Gareth R » 30 Nov 2014, 18:44

It was okay but much the same as last year - shall probably miss a year now. Matisse looked interesting and saw Henry Coles. Otherwise plus la changes. The new tranformer Honda is even worse looking in the flesh. Nx thing with the de tuned pan engine ffs 82bhp is a poor Pacific Coast rehash piffle. Oh Craig Jones on a Victory was entertaining - test ride maybe :-/ it's fookin big thought. Go to say I still can't see anything I'd change the Pan for.
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Re: NEC Bike show, Birmingham, UK

Postby cammy_moir » 30 Nov 2014, 19:07

Gareth. I was down yesterday. I have submitted my details for a test ride on the Trophy 1200 SE. Bang up to date mechanics / electronics and loads of kit as standard and still cheaper than a 12 year old design Pan 1300. I thought that the cheap Chinese Pan copy was interesting!! But only because it was so blatant a copy but the quality was really really poor. The clutch lever had as much movement up and down as it had being pulled in and out.
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