Honda Pan-European 2nd generation (Japanese design)


Postby tonupdave » 12 Oct 2014, 16:16

I had a fright when starting the bike :o ...Disarmed as usual key into lock and turn on all panel lights come on then go out leaving only the green indicator arrows lit....No power to start no lights....Tried kill switch, side stand, made sure it wasn't in gear, Switched off and tried again..same thing.... did this three or four times checking switches...Touched the clutch lever all panel lights came back on and bike started :P .....Was this a sticky clutch switch but why no panel lights or is there something else I should be looking at?

T.U.D. :ugeek:
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Re: Fright!!!!

Postby Pieter Huizinga » 12 Oct 2014, 17:02

Is there a clutch switch on an ST? What for?
From a distance I'd say you have a short circuit somewhere which happened to go away when you worked the clutch. That may be very hard to locate. :(
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Re: Fright!!!!

Postby mbrST1100 » 12 Oct 2014, 21:22

Pieter Huizinga wrote:Is there a clutch switch on an ST? What for?

STandard safety chain, so you cannot crank the engine while in gear... would hurl you straight through the garage wall...

Sounds indeed like some Gremlins in the wiring...
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Re: Fright!!!!

Postby Aberdeen » 17 Jan 2015, 18:26

Clutch switch, sidestand switch and neutral switch - its got the full suite and they all work together. I had to replace clutch and sidestand switches as soon as I got the current bike. Very embarrassing being stuck on a B&Q car park cursing and swearing at a lovely looking bike when it won't start. Eventually defeated one of them to get it started. Phew!!
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Re: Fright!!!!

Postby oslin2014 » 24 Nov 2015, 17:24

The clutch switch stops you starting the bike in gear with the clutch out but not with the bike in gear with the clutch pulled in.
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